Are you interested to set up your own website or a mobile apps. We provide custom web and apps development services. Here are the process flow how any projects are to be done

Step 1

Provide us your idea in a written piece of paper or an email so that we understand the scope of the project. Email your project to

Step 2

A sample project proposal will be drafted. Team from both client and Hexnetics can either meet up or communicate via Skype to further discussion

Step 3

Estimated price figure will be presented to client from the Hexnetics Team. The price of the project will normally cost within the estimated value base on the discussion at Step 2.

Step 4

A proper quotation will be compile by the Hexnetics Team. Final cost value along with screenshots will be provided to the client. Hexnetics team will go through the project with the client for final verification. If the client wants to add additional features, then another version of quotation will be drafted.

Final Quotation will have he following notes

  1. Detail description of the project
  2. Flowchart how the user will interact with the program
  3. Cost of the project
  4. Delivery time (Delivery time may varies from the written proposal)
Step 6

Start of Project!!!!